Repairs and Leaks

Leaks and Repair Services

How much money are these actually costing you?

When you’re hearing water dripping when your faucet is off that’s money going down the drain. Check out this drip calculator from the USGS here. Now we’ll do some math. You’ll see if you have 10 drips/min. from one faucet, that’s 4 gal. a day! I know here in Asheville water is expensive or you’re on a well or spring. 4 gal. a day is over 1,700 gal. a year!
Why waste money, water, and resources when it’s usually an easy fix for us? Fixing any type of plumbing can be very expensive. The problems leaks cause are tremendous and expensive. Think about all the mold, mildew, drywall, flooring, sub-flooring that’s involved.
Here’s some potential results from a water leak:
  • Water Damage
  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Drywall
  • Subflooring
  • Basement leaks
  • Ceiling drywall
  • Wood inside the wall
  • Water under floor and wall tiles
Let us prevent leaks, wasted time, money, and water!
Showers, bathtubs, and sometimes even vanity plumbing can be almost impossible to reach. Whether it’s from a botched job, a bad installer, or bad products, we can fix it! Metal wears down over time and pipes corrode. Our most common service we give are shower leaks. Usually it is the handle, the plumbing in the wall, or the shower head connections. Next to that are toilets running all the time. 
It’s Easy for Us

Leaks are our thing!  They can be found, repaired, and the damage reversed.  Don’t pay other companies thousands of dollars to rip your home apart.  We will find the damage and do the minimal amount necessary to repair it.  AA Diamond Tile Installers has almost 40 years experience of fixing leaks and serving our local customers.  Check out some other services we provide including preventive leak updates.

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