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Tile that is set square and diamond pattern angles

Who Needs Good Bathrooms?

Why You Should Update Your Old Bathrooms

Houses come in all shapes, sizes, ages, and locations.  So do bathrooms!  Some have outhouses, outdoor showers, or a standard bath. Some even have the monstrous “house-in-itself” 800sq. ft. bathrooms.
Underneath every one of those there are pipes, sub-flooring, electrical lines, and insulation. Bathrooms have been a crucial part of society since, well, the beginning of time. People have always had to find a way to sanitize their homes from our waste. Don’t take this for granted!
Old and poorly installed bathroom fixtures can cause serious problems! Here’s some very common issues from outdated or “cheap” bathroom equipment:

1. Water Leaks

Water is everywhere in your washroom. It’s a necessity but it also poses a major threat to us. If you’ve slipped in the tub or on a slippery laminate floor you already know what I’m talking about! Most of the risks in falling come from your shower curtain. These hold a ton of moisture and even the best “mold free” curtains don’t do. There are so many options of affordable shower and tub doors that we can install for you. They come in every shape, size, and tons of colors. Here’s some benefits of a proper shower door that is of good quality:
  • No water outside of your tub
  • No mold on the doors
  • Very little maintenance and easy to clean tracks
  • Lots of sizing options from short to tall and narrow to wide
  • Available shatterproof glass
  • Easy for us to install
Bathroom and shower door issues
Be careful though. Some shower doors have deep tracks the doors run through and lot’s of parts that can accumulate water. This can lead to more problems than before. Let AA Diamond Tile Contractor’s in Asheville, NC help you find the best fit for your new shower or bath tub door.
We mentioned slipping on your floor too. This is usually caused from water leaking onto the floor from the shower. Another cause is water dripping off of you when you step out of the shower. If you have wood, laminate, or a glossy tile floor this can be a huge safety hazard.
The type of shower floor you have can also be very dangerous. Slick, shiny tiles are usually not a good choice to stand on when wet. There are better options like small rocks or travertine. These provide a comfortable and less slippery standing surface.
Our tile installers use the best quality and most appropriate choice of materials. In our professional opinion bathrooms are a bad place to lay any type of product that can hold moisture. This can lead to mold, mildew, and other problems with warping and your floor failing.
Shower Leaks
The last thing I’ll mention about water leaks is the most common thing we see, shower leaks. These can be very tricky to spot in everyday life. There are a lot of ways to tell if you have a leak in your shower or tub. One way is to watch your water meter. Turn off all the water in your home and see if the meter is spinning. If so you have a leak, somewhere. If you suspect a leak in your shower or plumbing call us! This is not something to let go. It causes further damage and leads to mold and mildew issues. We are more than happy to help at AA Diamond Tile and give a free quote for your repairs. We only repair what is necessary.

2. Heating and insulation issues

Living and working in Western North Carolina I know how unpredictable our weather is. Many people here use stoves as their primary source of heat. One common thing we see is the use of small space heaters in bathrooms. These provide a more comfortable environment for some people to keep warm. Do NOT use a space heater in your bathroom.
It only takes one slip or fall to knock them over or drop a towel on one. It only takes one spark from water to catch them on fire or a dusty motor to ignite. These are an extreme danger to you and your family. Here are some much better ways we can keep your bathroom comfortable and your toes warm:
  • We ensure you have proper insulation under the floor and on exterior walls
  • We install only quality products that have natural insulation
  • Run the shower before you get in to produce a little steam
  • Heat towels in your drier before showering
  • Consider letting us look at the placement of your heating vents
  • Consider letting us install a permanent, safe heating system in your bathroom.

3. The type of bathtub or shower you are using

The most common injuries in your bathroom occur when getting in or out of the shower. This doesn’t mean you have to install and A.D.A compliant bathroom, which we can, but we help you find the best choice. Using a bathtub that is high off the ground can get even the best gymnast off balance. Consider having a lower tub or one with a door on it and a walk in shower. Depending on what you prefer to use the most, we will help you find what fits you.

Types of services we provide for your bathroom

Benefits of using AA Diamond Tile for your bathroom project
  • Custom stone, tile, ceramics, and other types of products
  • All custom designs and craftsmanship
  • Professional installation with almost 40 years of experience
  • Any type of design or shape you would like
  • Long lasting products and the best installation practices
Types of remodels and upgrades that are common
  • Updated shower, tub, and sink fixtures
  • Toilets that only take ONE flush
  • Complete replacement of your shower and/or tub
  • Shower door installation or replacement
  • Repairs of tile, grout, and fixtures
  • Leak repairs
  • Updates of one part or entire bathroom
  • Custom vanity installation or makeover
  • Complete tear-out and remodel
  • Hand laid shower pans (You won’t find anyone better at this)
  • Efficiency and the best use of space
Types of tiles that are common and safe in a bathroom depending on where they are
  • Travertine Tiles
  • Porcelain Tiles
  • Ceramic Tiles
  • Glass Tiles
  • Marble Tiles
  • Concrete Tiles
  • Slate Tiles
  • Terra Cotta Tiles
  • Concrete Tiles
  • Mosaic Tiles
  • Faux Stone and Natural Stone
  • Wood Look Tiles
Let AA Diamond Tile custom install and or remodel your new or existing bathroom. Call us today and receive a free quote and expert, local, service. We are your local tile installer and contractor.  Follow us on Twitter @AADiamondTile today for more information and keep an eye on our blog for useful tiling tips, tricks, and information.
Here’s some photos of bathrooms we have installed:  Check out more photos on our Portfolio.
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