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Chevron Pattern with Older Bricks

Tiling Trends for 2017 Including Ceramics!

Tiling Trends for 2017 Including Ceramics, Porcelains, Parquets, and More!

Check out this HGTV blog for some 2017 tiling trends including ceramics. They offer some great information on current trends. This is especially helpful if you are preparing your home to sale or raising your market value!

But how can selecting a tile or flooring type affect that? Well, just like when Jazz music came out and Swing became popular thereafter…people TREND.

Trends are like the fluid ocean that come and go. Think of parquet flooring that was OH so popular in the ’50s and ’60s. It was first around in the 1600’s!!! How could something be around for 300 years until it caught on!

Now parquet is back, but in a different way. Trends today are patterns like chevrons herringbone patterns. People are trending soft, non glossy finishes that provide comfort and warm, light tones, like soft gray tones.

How Can This Be Helpful For You?

How can this be incorporated into your home that might be older or you’re not ready for a complete remodel? New flooring, add-on tile backsplashes or design incorporations, or even having some awesome ceramic tile installed is easy and affordable with AA Diamond Tile in Asheville, NC!

We can incorporate trending patterns to fit you without breaking the bank! There are so many ways to put old with new; like porcelain or ceramic parquet tile sheets that look great! Or wood look tiles that come in wide planks and provide a comfortable, solid, affordable surface that is less likely to be damaged from pesky water or unforeseen leaks.

Of course, ceramic and porcelain subway tile isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and terra cotta is still in the mix! But you might want to consider adding in some more complex geometric patterns! If you take a simple tile, add some variating colors, and a cool pattern you can come out with some awesome end-products!

Let Ronnie Yount at AA Diamond Tile take the leg work out of the project and still keep your remodel, repair, or add-on FUN for you!

Check out some of our previous tile patterns on our Portfolio page. There’ll be A LOT more photos coming soon!

Be well and have fun!

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